Year 4


Mrs Kaur
Miss Merryweather
Mrs Osborne
Miss Baker


Pupils will study a variety of different genres of writing during the autumn tern including historical stories and newspaper reports. We will be working on practising weekly spellings from the Year 3/4 National Curriculum lists. We will continue to reinforce and develop the use of good punctuation throughout all subjects


The children will take home individual books, which are at their individual reading level.  During their whole class reading lessons in the autumn term the children will read a variety of texts including The Boy who Grew Dragons and Matilda.  They will work at developing their ability to retrieve, summarise and infer information from the text as well as widening their vocabulary.


We follow Power Maths at St James. The units we will be covering in the autumn term are:

  • Place Value – numbers to 10, 000
  • Part – ordering and comparing 4-digit numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers
  • Perimeter – measuring and calculating the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes
  • Multiplication and division facts for the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times table

In addition to this, we do rapid recall daily that focuses on a different statement each week based on what the children need to be able to recall quickly. They are tested on these every Friday. We also complete TT Rockstars focusing weekly on different times table facts.


During the first half term the children will complete the module 'In A State'. This module introduces the concept of states of matter. Children will learn the characteristic properties of solids, liquids and gases.
During the second half term the children will complete the module 'Human Impact'. In this module children will learn about some of the positive and negative ways that humans change the environment, locally and globally, with a particular focus on how this affects other living things. They will begin to understand that actions can have both positive and negative consequences, that situations are not black and white, and that decisions involve compromises. They will consider how industry, housing and thoughtless behaviour can damage local habitats and also how humans can increase biodiversity by developing environments such as country parks and nature reserves.


During autumn term this is what the children will study for each curriculum subject:

ART - The children are introduced to the work of MC Escher. They explore different tones and shading using pencils, charcoal and chalk. They explore drawing accurate 3D shapes and adding shading to show the effects of light.  For their final piece of work, they use the taught skills to create a street view.  

HISTORY - we discover who the Anglo-Saxons were studying from the fall of the Roman Empire to the invasion of the Vikings.

GEOGRAPHY - We will study and describe the journey of a river from the source to the mouth, Including learning about the key parts of the water cycle.
DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - The children will design, make and evaluate a shell structure to hold a Christmas gift.

COMPUTING - We use the Purple Mash scheme for our computing lessons and during the autumn term, we will learn about online safety, logo and animation.

RE - We are exploring three crucial question: What kind of world did Jesus want? What matters most to Humanists and Christians? What is in the trinity?


Please read with your child daily if you can, if not at least 3 times a week.
Please take time to help your child learn the spellings that are sent home weekly.
Please encourage your child to complete TT Rockstars daily in preparation for the national multiplication check, which they will complete in June.


Please click on the link to see the curriculum overview for Year 4: Y4 Curriculum Overview

Class Overview Document

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