Year 4


Miss Merryweather
Mrs Ball
Miss Edkins
Miss Baker

If you were unable to make it to our curriculum meeting, please click on the link to access the presentation used: Curriculum Presentation to Parents


Pupils will study a variety of different genres of writing during the summer term including poetry and explanation texts. We will be working on practicing weekly spellings from the Year 3/4 National Curriculum lists. We will continue to reinforce and develop the use of good punctuation throughout all subjects.


The children will take home individual books, which are at their individual reading level.  During their whole class guided reading lessons in the summer term the children will read a variety of texts including Varjak Paw Outlaw.  They will work at developing their ability to retrieve, summarise and infer information from the text as well as widening their vocabulary.


We follow Power Maths at St James. The units we will be covering in the summer term are –

  • Describing position

  • Drawing on a grid

  • Reasoning on a grid

  • Moving on a grid

  • Draw polygons, specified by coordinates

  • Measure area

  • Decimals – tenths and hundredths

  • Dividing by 10 and 100

  • Write, compare, round and order decimals

  • Convert time

  • Work with money – round, order and problem solve with pounds and pence

In addition to this, we do rapid recall daily that focus on a different statement each week based on what the children need to be able to recall quickly. They are tested on these every Friday. We also complete TT rockstars focusing weekly on different times table facts.


During the first half term, they will be introduced to the main body parts associated with the digestive system; the mouth, tongue, teeth, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum and anus. They will learn that the role of the digestive system is to break down the food we eat so that the nutrients, energy and other requirements we derive from it can be used in the rest of the body. They will learn about how food can be broken down through mechanical and chemical processes. They will learn in more detail about the roles of the different types of teeth in breaking food down, and how to care for their teeth. They will also learn about milk teeth and permanent teeth.  When working scientifically children will ask and answer questions about teeth, digestion and food chains by carrying out research using secondary sources.

During the second half term, they will explore the production of light, sound and movement by making simple series circuits with cells, wires, bulbs, buzzers and motors, learning the names of the components. They will work mostly with single components. Through detailed observation and role play they will be able to describe the flow of electricity round a circuit and give reasons why some circuits do not work. They will then learn to control their circuits with switches. They will test materials, classify them as electrical conductors or insulators and recognise that metals are good electrical conductors and plastics are good electrical insulators. They will apply this knowledge when making their own switches and electrical circuits. Throughout this module they will learn the safe use of electrical components and the dangers of mains electricity. When working scientifically children will make observations and describe how circuits work using scientific language. They will also communicate using labelled and annotated drawings.


During the summer term this is what the children will study for each curriculum subject:

 Art - The children will research sculptures and make their own sculptures using mod-roc.
Geography – The children will study the country of Canada and make geographical comparisons between the UK and Canada.
History – The children will be studying Victorian times and focusing on the lives of Victorian working class children.
 Design and Technology – The children will investigate and use simple circuits and switches to then design a product that creates light
Computing - We use the Purple Mash scheme for our computing lessons and during the summer term, we will learn about coding.
RE - We are exploring two world religions focusing on Christianity, what was the impact of Pentecost? And for Islam, Why does the Prophet matter to Muslims?
Music – We follow the Charanga scheme of work and our work will focus on the song Blackbird
MFL – The children will continue to learn German and their lessons will focus on food and drink


Please read with your child daily if you can, if not at least 3 times a week.
Please take time to help your child learn the spellings that are sent home weekly.
Please encourage your child to complete TT Rockstars daily in preparation for the national multiplication check, which they will complete in June.


Class Overview Document

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