St James' C of E (Controlled) Primary School
Chadwick Street, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 8EF
About the school

Welcome to St James' Primary School in Glossop.

We have a great school. Children are happy, and we really care for them, nurture them, help them to feel safe, fulfilled, and give them a voice now, so that they are prepared to move on to their next schools and into their adult lives.

Our children enjoy many interesting lessons. We love reading, stories, poems, and for information to help us with our projects. Our maths and science are applied to our wider studies too. These can link in with some exciting wider topics. We have planned and performed many plays. We worked hard to research and make our industrial mural, based on the paper making industry at Olive & Partington’s in Turnlee. We love our artwork and are proud of our displays. This year the Y5s and Y6s made Anderson Shelters modelled on those used in WW2.

Our children also learn three modern European languages; Spanish and German in Y3&4 and French in Y5&6. This helps us to understand some of our continental neighbours. We visit Flanders in France in Y5/6 for a week-long study every two years. We combine our use of language, with tasting local foods, visiting historical sites, and enjoying the culture. For the last 6 years this has been shared with our friends from St. Andrew’s Juniors in Hadfield, helping us to meet some of the people we will share our secondary school life with.

The excursion to France alternates with a Y5/6 activity trip to Edale, so that every Y5/6 child has the opportunity to do one or both of them.

Children also take part in lots of clubs and activities in and after school. We have a number of excellent sports teams, especially at the moment in Cross country, Orienteering and Swimming. Our Y3&4 children stay in Edale for a week's adventures, which include climbing and canoeing. We also have excellent music, with a choir, and lots of instruments such as flutes, clarinets, brass and strings. Many of our children continue with this into later life. Our children perform up to three concerts a year - one with our friends from St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s schools.

We have lots of involvement with our extended families in Howardtown and Whitfield. We sing in old people's homes, attend and lead services at St. James’ church. We have many visitors in school, including people to lead our assemblies. We are a controlled Church of England school, celebrating and extending our relationship with God and Jesus Christ, through RE and prayer. However, it is in our children that we take the most pleasure. They are lively, enquiring, and dedicated to their work, their lives, and helping those less fortunate. Our school council, house and Head Boy/Girl systems allow the children to have a real say in their education (and keep us on our toes!) We have children who are well behaved, polite, say please and thank you, and support each other through the Buddy Scheme which works to sort out conflicts and reduce any bullying.

Our staff have a great care and interest in all our children. We are settled, supportive of each other, yet challenging ourselves to always improve. We work hard, play hard, and are friends as well as colleagues.

Parents, families and friends, both locally and worldwide, complete our St. James’ community. We are privileged to share in the lives of our children, and delighted to bring our parents and friends into school, and visit them outside. If a school is in the heart of its community, the community should be in the heart of the school. We also extend our love to other schools in Glossop and Derbyshire, as well as in North West Bengal, India, where we link with a school in Siliguri and our school link in Muheza, Tanzania.

St James is a great place to be, to learn in and to work in. Come to see us at any time, and become part of our family.

Chris Jones


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