Religious Education

Religious Education is an important part of our curriculum and is taught in accordance with the Sandwell agreed syllabus, whilst also utilising Understanding Christianity resources.  We believe it is important for all pupils. Christianity is the major focus but we consider what we can learn from different religions and about faith.  Visits to places of worship will be included as part of the curriculum.  These, along with the use of artefacts, story and visual aids will be used to stimulate children’s knowledge and experience. All pupils have the right to withdraw from RE. However, before exercising their right of withdrawal, we hope that parents would hope that parents would discuss the matter with the Head Teacher.

Throughout key stages 1 and 2, we aim that through Religious Education pupils should encounter:

  • Clear presentation of the Christian story and Jesus Christ as Christians

  • Understand Him to be, within Trinitarian theology

  • Positive portrayal of the multi-cultural and global nature of the Christian faith

  • Teaching about the two Church of England sacraments (baptism and holy communion)

  • Promotion of key gospel themes: e.g. love, worth, stewardship, justice, forgiveness, sacrifice, hospitality, grace, acceptance, growth / change etc...

  • Regular use of Bible stories within the curriculum to explore these themes and link them to Christian values, so that every child will achieve some biblical literacy.

  • Accurate, sympathetic teaching about beliefs and values in other faiths

  • Visits to places of worship of major faiths during school life

Through prayer and worship children should encounter:

  • A distinctive appreciation of time which should be put aside for prayer at least once a day.

  • High quality collective worship which is engaging, inspiring and transformational

  • Invitations to contribute to worship

  • Regular services in the local church

Please click on the link below to see the Sandwell Agreed Syllabus for RE:

Sandwell Agreed Syllabus

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